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Srishti-2019   >>  Short Story - English   >>  THE GREEN IN ME


Written By: Vishnulal Sudha

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It all started with blue, the passion. She was a sublime beauty, curling her magic magnetized into the coherent notions of complete bliss. The theist in me reacted, and the bruised beliefs shattered in the poised smell of jasmine tangled in her withered brown hair, until I see the black hair down there between her thighs. The chilling breathe of fear pricks across my spine as my conscience craved for the inevitable, the guilt, as I saw those black hair nourished with red stains, and I realized, she was unravished… till then.

The tears were green as it was all mine. She was breathing low after an hour long moaning. The thirst of lust carved from the unfathomed redundancy prevailed in those days of silence, after I lost my soul, my love, get blemished pathetically into an action which reside grossly the way I look the light. The serene white light, which left me long ago now turns black. And I was gliding my thoughts and action suspended to that black light.

Then I started decoding that puzzle from a fairy tale. Those yellow barren lands which was striving for rain is still awaiting someone divine to bring the glory of chastity and to extract her soul into the inclined suspension of social dependency. Deep inside, I know, the humane in me sours for the blinding chaos. But the sanity I fed all the life, paved the path to that while light… the divine interventions.

Now it is time to be in the shoes of the best in me. I looked at her, the first time, into her eyes. The dead eyes are far away from depicting her struggle inside. I kissed her lips once again. This time passionately. I am not sure when the last time I smiled. But I did it this time without any persuasion. I tried to sync with her breath and I hushed in her ears, “I will never leave you. You are mine from today”.

Deep silence followed. Her eyes slowly started to get moist. She spread her wide, hands and legs, and held me tight with my butt between her thighs, and started kissing me all over.  That was rejuvenating. I got back something I lost long ago. The light. The white divine light.


It was an yellow barren land awaiting a rain. Our tears made it green sprouting up life inside. And all that left was a white bed sheet with some red stains.