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Raviz Prathidhwani Women 5s - 2019




Its all set to start yet another edition of the biggest sporting extravaganza in the IT sector! 
The 2nd edition of Prathidhwani  Women 5s will commence from the first week of August 2019 at Technopark ground.

The intercompany football tournament will be in league/knock out format and the winners will receive Raviz Prathidhwani Women 5s ever rolling trophy and exciting cash prizes. Matches till Quarterfinals to be held on weekends and semifinals and finals on a weekday evening.

Indian football legend Sri I M Vijayan, Former Kerala captains Sri. Asif Saheer and Sri. Ignatius, former Indian football player Sri. C K Vineeth, Kerala Sports Ministers Sri. A C Moideen and Sri. E P Jayarajan were the chief guests for previous editions.

So what are you waiting for??

Come... Register your team... Let's Football


Rules and Regulations


  1. Prathidhwani Women 5s is an intercompany five a side football tournament exclusively for female IT employees of Technopark. Strict verification will be done by our scrutiny committee to verify whether all the players are currently working in Technopark. The team (company) will be banned from the tournament for 2 years in case of violation.

  2. A team can be registered with at most 15 players and the team shall maintain their squad throughout the tournament. The playing team shall be finalized from the registered players only. Players from the squad cannot be replaced without a valid reason and is to be communicated to and agreed by the Organizing Committee.

  3. Companies with below 1000 employees can register 1 team and with more than 1000 employees can register a maximum of 2 teams.

  4. The registration fee is RS 500 per team.

  5. The tournament will be played in a league and knockout format. The schedule will be published after registration is closed.

  6. Each game shall be played in two halves of 10 minutes each in the initial stages. From quarter-final onwards, each half will have 15 minutes. Half time breaks shall be of 5 minutes.

  7. Penalty Shootout will be conducted in the knock out stages other than Semi-Finals and Final without any extra time. Extra time if needed in the Semi-Finals and Final will be of two halves of 7 minutes each. If teams are still not separated, then the game shall be decided on a penalty shootout.

  8. Teams are expected to report 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the game. If any team fails to turn up even after 15 minutes of the scheduled start of the game, the opponents will be awarded the win with the goal margin 3-0. In the knock stages, it will be a walkover for the other team. A minimum of 4 players are needed in a team to start a match. If a team gives a walkover for any of the games, that team will be disqualified from the next year's tournament.

  9. 3 points will be awarded for a Win, 1 point for a Tie and 0 points for a Loss.

  10. League standings shall be decided on points obtained. If two or more teams have the same point, then head-to-head between the teams will be taken into consideration. If the teams are not separated then goal difference will be taken into consideration. If the teams are still not separated, the team that has scored more number of goals will be given a higher league position. If the teams are tied even then, the team that has scored more goals in the previous stage will be considered. If that also doesn't separate, a penalty shootout will be conducted.*

  11. The maximum number of players in a team for a match day including the substitutes would be 10 and all the team members shall be an employee of the same company the team represents. Maximum number of Rolling substitutions allowed in a game is 4 + 1 (goalkeeper)
  12. Jerseys (with a number) and boots/shoes with stockings for teams are preferred.

  13. All players should carry their ID cards to the ground on all match days. Players without a valid photo id card of the company they represent, will not be allowed to play.

  14. Teams are expected to be disciplined and fair play is encouraged. Grave instances of indiscipline could lead to the expulsion of the player in the case, or the team as a whole, depending on the severity of the case. Teams can also be banned from future tournaments conducted by Prathidhwani.

  15. Any disputes will be settled by the organizers. The decision of the organizing committee is final; binding in all respects to whoever concerned and cannot be appealed to.

  16. A player is expected to leave the playing area then and there itself is shown a red card or 2 yellow cards in a match; the player also remains suspended the next game.

  17. If a player gets a yellow card each in consecutive matches, he is not allowed to play the next game. The card received would be neutralized at the end of each stage.

  18. The referee’s decisions are final.

  19. Normal Football rules shall apply except Offside rules. No Offside in this tournament.

  20. A throw will be taken as a kick

  21. If the game cannot be played because of any unavoidable circumstances 1 point each will be awarded to both the teams in the league stages. If it’s a knockout stage, then the game will be postponed to another date.

  22. In Penalty shoot outs, if the teams are not separated after 5 shots each, then sudden death will be applied. Players who have taken a shot can shoot again only after all the players in their team (remaining at the end of playing time) have made their shots. Sudden death will continue till a team wins.

  23. Teams are also requested to be on the ground for a penalty shoot-out on the last matchday of the league matches if there is a possibility of teams to be tied up with the same number of points.

  24. If there is a situation that, best loser(s) will be promoted to the next stage, shall be chosen from the statistics of the current league stage. Points received will be considered first. Goal difference, goals scored, goals conceded will be taken into consideration as per the given order. If nothing from them separates, a penalty shoot-out will be conducted.*

  25. The team can be registered till 22nd July 2019

  26. Registration can  be done through Google form shared by Prathidhwani

  27. The matches will be played on weekends(Saturday Morning & Sunday Evening probably). Semifinal and Final would be on a weekday evening. There should not be any changes in fixtures once published.