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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Hold your ground

Hold your ground

Written By: Gughan Govindasamy
Company: Infosys

Total Votes: 8

My love , do help me stay away

Show me how to unlove you

In the fall , I'll crawl and fade away,

Like the twinkling drops of dew !


I hope your life is as vivid as your eyes,

And your summer's cheerful too.

In my gloomy morning underlies,

A memory that clings to you !


The days are cold and nights are dry,

Every song is breaking me.

With the anguished heart I pacify

The soul, that's damned with me !


So, In the pointless gloom I seek

A wisdom , that no shall speak,

The pain that love shall wreak,

And a dream that preys on weak


The past , a callous hound,

Can sniff and hunt us down

Oh heart ! Dost hold your ground

It's an all or nothing town