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Raviz Prathidhwani Women 5s - 2019

Its all set to start yet another edition of the biggest sporting extravaganza in the IT sector! 
The 2nd edition of Prathidhwani  Women 5s will commence from the first week of August 2019 at Technopark ground.

The intercompany football tournament will be in league/knock out format and the winners will receive Raviz Prathidhwani Women 5s ever rolling trophy and exciting cash prizes. Matches till Quarterfinals to be held on weekends and semifinals and finals on a weekday evening.

Infosys won the “4th Season - Raviz Prathidhwani7s Football Tournament”

Infosys won the “4th Season - Raviz Prathidhwani7s Football Tournament hosted by the IT Employees Welfare Association “Prathidhwani”. In an exciting final played on the 4th of October, Infosys defeated UST Global by one goal. Infosys emerged even as the winners in the first ever women's 5's tournament in the history of Technopark.

പ്രതിധ്വനി സെവൻസ് 2017"ഫുട്ബാൾ കിരീടം ഇൻഫോസിസിന്

ടെക്‌നോപാർക്കിലെ "റാവിസ് അഷ്ടമുടി - പ്രതിധ്വനി സെവൻസ് 2017"ഫുട്ബാൾ കിരീടം ഇൻഫോസിസിന്... സ്പോർട്സ് മന്ത്രി AC മൊയ്‌ദീൻനും ഫുട്ബോളർ സി കെ വിനീതും ഫൈനലിനെത്തി.

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